Science-backed reason why we should never work from bed

Lockdown has put an end to our disciplined lifestyle. The absence of early morning wake-up calls (doorbell) from our maids has extended the time we spend sleeping in the morning. Then late night work calls, followed by cooking and OTT binging and the relief of not having to travel to work the next morning has delayed our bedtime by almost an hour or two. And so when we wake up close to our working hours, most of us grab our laptops right after waking up, sit on the bed and start working. Don’t we? A global study had revealed that close to 70 per cent of professionals end up working from bed while they are at home.
Well, while work from home (WFH) allows us a lot of freedom but to ensure that our WFH habits do not sabotage our work goals as well as our well being, it is important to set boundaries and practice a sense of self control.

Bed is for sleep

The first and foremost reason you shouldn’t work from bed is that it is not meant for working. Yes, as simple as that. According to the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard, one shouldn’t work from the place they sleep in. It is important to keep laptops, TV and work stuff out of the room to ensure you have a healthy mental association between your bedroom and your sleep. So when you work from your bed and then try to sleep there, your mind finds it difficult to associate your bedroom with a place for comfort and sleep.
So if your brain starts mixing up the place of work and relaxation, it can get tricky for your circadian rhythm. It can give you a feeling of being constantly at work, which shouldn’t be the case.

Poor posture and screen exposure

You cannot maintain the correct posture while sitting on the bed, which can lead to back aches and discomfort.

Also, if you work till late from your bedroom, looking at a bright screen can make it difficult for you to sleep. Anyway it is recommended to avoid screen time an hour before you hit the bed.

So what should you do?

Create a workspace for yourself. It should be away from your bed. It could be your dining table, or a table in the living area or the study room. But dedicate a separate space for your work.

Last but not least, it may be sounding difficult to get back to a routine but it is all the more essential right now to have a proper wake and sleep cycle. If your mind and body isn’t rested, it cannot perform optimally and can also weaken your immune system.

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