Is chicken liver good for your health?

01Is ​chicken liver good for your health?

Chicken livers have been one of the most controversial foods over the last few decades. Some have complained about their high cholesterol content while others have sung praises of their impressive nutrients portfolio.

How do you decide if chicken livers are good for your health? In recent times, this organ meat from the chicken has proven to be rich in healthful nutrients and is mostly inexpensive. In fact, chicken livers provide more nutrition than the famous chicken breast! Read more to find out why you should eat chicken livers and what is the healthiest way to prepare them.

02​Concerns regarding chicken livers

In the past decades, there have been concerns that chicken livers are laden with dietary cholesterol, thus making them bad for heart health. However, recent studies have shown that the combination of saturated and trans fat is to blame for the increasing bad cholesterol levels in the body and not the cholesterol present in food.

Another big concern regarding chicken livers is that they can cause infections if insufficiently cooked as a bacteria called ‘campylobacter’ can enter our system through the meat.

03​Health benefits of chicken livers

First of all, chicken livers are NOT red meat. They are just organ meats that come from chickens. The livers are actually loaded with lots of nutrients like folate, iron and biotin that perform a multitude of functions in keeping the body healthy.

The folate keeps fertility issues at bay and can also safeguard the baby from birth defects when consumed by pregnant women. They also contain choline, which is a nutrient many people are not having enough of but is great for brain health. Chicken livers are an amazing source of protein, that keeps our muscles and bones healthy and helps treat our wounds.

04/6​Nutrition profile of chicken livers

Chicken livers contain all the amino acids that the body needs to generate protein and are rich in vitamin C, which is a rarity in meats. Brimming with vitamin A, they are great for maintaining the health of your eyes.

The iron content fills the body with energy and vitamins like B12, thus making chicken livers a great option for people suffering from anaemia. The best part? They are significantly low in calories when compared to other nutrient-packed meats. 56-60 grams serving of chicken livers can provide 4 grams of fat with 2 grams of saturated fats, 316 mg cholesterol and just 94 calories.

05/6​Things to remember before having chicken livers

Pregnant women should refrain from eating too much chicken liver as overdose of vitamin A can harm the baby. Another important point that one should remember before having chicken livers is that they already contain saturated fats. Thus, frying them in butter or other types of fat might not be the best way to cook them. Be sure to remove any connective tissues or fats that might come with your chicken livers before cooking as they might increase the amount of fat you take. It is also important to rinse the chicken livers carefully and cook them thoroughly before serving to avoid consuming any harmful bacteria. Since it is important to have chicken livers in moderation, try not to exceed the weekly limit of 85 grams.

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