CamScanner alternatives: Here are five apps that you can use

The government on June 29 banned as many as 59 Chinese apps from the country saying they are engaged in activities which are "prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state and public order".

Following this, TikTok - the most popular among the ones banned, vanished from Google Play Store and Apple's App Store on June 30.

Among other popular Chinese apps that are now banned is CamScanner.

Developed by Chinese company Instig, CamSanner allows users to easily scan and share documents. It has more than 100 million downloads globally with 8 million downloads in April 2020.

Though currently available, CamSanner is expected to get delisted from Google Play Store and App Store following the government's ban.

In view of threat to data security people are looking for alternatives of CamScanner.

There are many alternatives to CamScanner that are abound on Play Store and Apple Store.

Here are five such alternatives that you can install and use. All these apps, available both on Android and iOS, work like CamScanner where you can scan an image or text to convert it into PDF or vice versa.

1. Adobe Scan by Adobe | This app is offered by US-based company Adobe that is more popularly known for its photo-editing and video-editing softwares among many other commendable ones.

Download link for Android | Download link for iOS (Works for iPhones and iPads only)

2. Microsoft Office Lens | Tech-giant Microsoft also has its version of a PDF scanner. Quite dependable, it is easily compatible with other Microsoft apps such as OneNote and OneDrive among others.

Download link for Android | Download link for iOS

3. PhotoScan by Google | Though Google Drive and Android phones have ways to scan images but you'd be better placed if you use the PhotoScan app by Google. It integrates well with Google Photos where you can access your documents anytime.

Download link for Android | Download link for iOS

4. Scanner App by BPMobile | This app offered by a little known company in the US works just as other apps mentioned in this list. The reason why we mention this in the list is because it also has a electronic signature feature, PIN protection feature and a basic document editor.

Download link for Android | Download link for iOS

5. TapScanner by Smart Marketing Private Ltd | Offered by an Israeli app development firm, this app includes cloud integration with Google Drive, Dropbox etc. Moreover, this app also has a QR scanner app built-in.

Download link for Android | Download link for iOS

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