Benefits of White tea


White tea is minimally processed and is second only to green tea. It is made from the unopened buds and occasionally the first shoot of the plant. Usually, it’s made from the first flush tea when a tea plant is at its prime growth state.

How is white tea made

White tea was first made in the Fujian province of China in the early 16th century from the unopened buds of Camellia sinensis var. Khengo Bai Hao and Camellia sinensis var. Fuding Bai Hao plants. However, over the last few years, many tea growing regions of the world have started producing white teas using local tea cultivars that are strikingly different from those grown in China. The method of production of white tea, however, remains the same across most of these regions.

The plants that are plucked for making white tea are typically grown at a very high elevation (usually 5000-6500 ft above median sea level). The rigors of such a terrain and the cold air surrounding it intensify the aromatic compounds within the plant, most of which exist in concentrated form within the young buds and new leaves. To extract flavors from such buds/young leaves, very little processing is required and usually, no more than two steps – withering(the process of allowing the leaves to wilt for a specified period of time) and drying – are employed for making the final tea.

Health Benefits

Similar to green tea the health benefits of white tea include a reduced risk of cancer and cardiovascular disorders. Apart from this, organic white tea is even said to improve oral health.White tea caffeine content is very less as compared to any other tea. As white tea is less processed, it retains more antioxidants than even green tea, and therefore, drinking white tea may help in weight loss. Although this is a great low-calorie beverage, simply drinking the tea will not help you reduce weight. You will need to combine exercise with a healthy diet to see results. Now that you know what white tea is good for, you can add this healthy drink to your diet and start living well. White tea tastes light and slightly sweet making it a great morning drink for those who want to avoid too much caffeine in the morning.


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